The People vs. George Lucas Review

If ever there was a movie for us nerds, this would be it.  As you all know, we stand by the slogan, “Han shot first” pretty religiously around here.  And that is one of the points of interest in this highly entertaining and informative documentary that is all about how people feel about the Star Wars saga, both good and bad.

Hesher Review

The trailer for this is so great.  Old thrashing Metallica chords cut with brief scenes of a long-haired Joseph Gordon Levitt doing reckless things and befuddling a man and his son.  It tells us almost nothing but immediately made me want to see it.

Thor Review

If you were looking to get your summer movie started with a comic book movie, well, your wishes have come true. Not that it was any big surprise that one of the at least FOUR comic book movies this summer was going to be on May 6, I mean, Hell, it was a statistical impossibility to go any other way.

Hangover 2 Review

You know the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”?  Yeah, that should come with some qualifiers.  Or maybe just keep another saying in mind: “Familiarity breeds contempt.”  Ok, maybe a little too harsh, but familiarity certainly breeds the same plot and low brow humor, aka, nothing new.