Oscar 2010 Preview

Well, here we are again; it’s Oscar time!  It’s that time of year when the Academy rewards the best, most creative, most affecting, and certainly the best in the craft of film making of the past year.  Oh, wait, no, sorry, that’s what the Academy is SUPPOSED to do, however, this year, with the absurd…

Frozen Review

You know when you used to hang with your friends and one would ask, “Would you rather…” and they would have to choose one horrific hypothetical way to die over another? Or they would ask “What would you do if you were in THIS terrible situation…?” Right, well, the movie Frozen is just that sort of idea put on film. Yeah, it’s a real simple concept. The problem is finding enough interesting things to fill it with.

The Wolfman Review

If ever there was a film that I wanted to love, it is perhaps this one.  And what amazing possibilities there are for a remake of The Wolfman, yes?  In this time of incredible practical effects and improving CGI, this is a great opportunity to show those off while creating a moody, atmospheric horror film…

The Crazies Review

I’ve been disappointed in horror movies as of late. Seems we’ve had a few with interesting ideas but then they don’t execute them well. Ha. Execute. I made a funny. Too bad the recent horror movies haven’t made any. However, The Crazies, though my expectations were obviously low, managed to appease my hunger for the genre.

Repo Men Review

Most filmmakers, I suspect, would say “Man, if I only had more money, I could make my low-budget film SO much better”. They have a cool, independent film but feel they could really push it over the top with a bigger budget. Well, every so often, a movie comes along that defies that notion. Sometimes a movie could actually use a more gritty, low-budget sensibility. Repo Men is one such film.


Green Zone Review

Ah, Green Zone, the movie that finally tells us, the public, what REALLY happened with all those pesky Weapons of Mass Destruction that the Iraqi’s had stashed away in various locations. We all know they had them somewhere, even though we couldn’t find them. Oh, wait. We already know what happened about those, don’t we? Yeah, I thought so. So, no need to see this movie.

How To Train Your Dragon Review

As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t enough movies with dragons in them.  I love the movie Excalibur.  If there were any faults with the movie, it’s only that there was a lack of dragons.  That movie Reign of Fire?  Still needed more dragons.  So luckily for me, a movie has come out that has LOTS of dragons in it.  Dragonslayer?  Needed more dragon.  Dragonheart?  Well, maybe less dragon that talks like Sean Connery and well, just less of that movie.

Clash of the Titans Review

It would be hard to imagine a remake of Clash of the Titans being as cheesy as the 1981 original, with Harry Hamlin’s Lego clip-on hair style and the out-dated, but amazing Ray Harryhausen stop-motion creature animation.  And indeed, this remake isn’t as cheesy, at least not in the same ways.

A Nightmare On Elm Street Review

There is always a ton of horror movie nerd controversy about remakes in this genre, perhaps more than usual.  And a remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street is way up there on the list.  You seem to either be a die-hard Robert Englund fan and feel like this remake is some sort of personal afront to him and anyone that loves his work, or you have an open mind and take this movie for what it is.