The Return of the King of the Monsters and How to Prepare For It.

If you dont know who I’m talking about then sit back and get schooled.  Though I suspect many of our readers here know that the King of the Monsters is Godzilla, or Gojira (pronounced “Godjeeda, the ‘j’ much like a soft ‘d’ sound. Listen closely during the scenes in which throngs of Japanese citizens are running hysterically away from the mayhem, you’ll hear it.)

Pacific Rim Review

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a front-runner for the summer season! Though I suppose it’s not without caveat. Pacific Rim may indeed be the most fun I’ve had in a movie theater this summer, but don’t look too closely for a deep, character driven ensemble. You got your conflicted, thinky Man of Steel, now you can just sit back and watch these giant monsters and robots beat the crap out of each other for two hours.

Despicable Me 2 Review

Despicable Me 2 is not as inventive, perhaps, as the original. The story isn’t quite as inspired, but alas, such is the way with sequels for the most part. But don’t let that stop you from seeing it, because frankly, it’s funnier and just a plain good time. And best of all, it’s got 30 % more minions!*

White House Down Review

You know, I’m glad I got to see this movie again, because sometimes it’s good to revisit – What? Wait, this isn’t the same film? I see. Huh. You know, I thought Morgan Freeman looked younger. And Gerard Butler looked an awful lot like Channing Tatum.Well, I suppose it’s an easy mistake, seeing as this is basically the same movie as Olympus Has Fallen. In fact, White House Down is almost EXACTLY the same movie. So much so that I’m a bit surprised I haven’t heard about any lawsuits.

The Lone Ranger Review

If anyone thinks The Lone Ranger will bring back the western, they would be mistaken, unless people bring back the western just to show how much better they can make them. Not that this incarnation of the Lone Ranger is horrible, but it’s not doing the genre any big favors. As far as the Lone Ranger character, well, I can’t imagine this doing so well that they make sequels. I’m guessing we’ll be leaving the Lone Ranger well enough, alone.

Man of Steel Review

You’d think I’d miss the traditional red shorts part of his costume, but nope, not at all.  I did miss a few developmental scenes that might have helped with some emotional connection later in the film, but other than that, Man of Steel does a whole lot of good to re-energize the Superman DC universe.