It’s Time To Get Ready For Comic-Con 2014

Another Comic-Con has come and gone, and every year I’m amazed when people that I know would love it, tell me they’ve never gone. If you’re one of these people, I suggest you stop listening to your agoraphobic, pseudo hipster, nerd poser, fun impaired excuse for a friend and make the trek. Comic-Con is a blast, especially if you’re attending for the first time, and it should be on every self-respecting fanboy or fangirl’s bucket list. Granted, having a successful Comic-Con adventure can be a bit of an undertaking, so here are some answers to the most common “Con”questions I’ve heard over the years.

Paranormal Activity 4 Review

I’ll admit it; I’m a big found footage film fan! Ever since my first viewing of The Blair Witch Project (which by the way is a great film that people should stop talking shit about), I’ve been a sucker for any film where people feel compelled to keep filming the horror their experiencing beyond all limits of logic. There’s just something innately eerie about seeing something terrible happen to people on low resolution video…with the exception of an episode of Tosh.0

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

So I’m in a movie theater in Arkansas with my wife and some family members watching the new Spiderman film, and to be honest, I’m less than entertained. Suddenly, my wife turns to me and says, “Is it just me or is this kind of boring?” I nod in agreement. No, it’s not just you! This movie is boring! In fact if we hadn’t been with family members, I probably would have asked my wife if we could leave. But, since this was not an option, we managed to trudge through the rest of the film. A film that, in my not-so-humble opinion, went from being dull to laughably bad.


I love amusement parks! I love almost all amusement parks! From Disney Sea in Japan (probably the greatest amusement park in the world) to the tiny, beach front amusement park of my youth, San Francisco’s now defunct Playland. But one thing I can tell you is that I would never in million years EVER want…

Insidious Review

When I shelled out my hard earned cash for a ticket to see the new horror film, Insidious by Saw director James Wan, I expected to see yet another deadly serious attempt at scaring the Bejezuz H. Christ out of me by getting me to entertain the idea that ghosts and demons are real. So, when I sat down in my seat with my wife, Carrie, my attitude was “Okay, let’s do this! I’m ready to be terrified. Do your worst!”