The Kids are All Right Review

Let’s be honest, the movie is alright. It’s not a great movie, it’s not a bad movie. It’s a good movie. It’s better than most. It’s good like a movie should be. I’ll even grant that it is great. Like, “That was great!” great. Like Frosted Flakes great. Not like, all-time great. Not like Godfather great. Not like award season great.

Bridesmaids Review

If you haven’t seen Bridesmaids I just feel sorry for you. No, wait. I envy you. There’s something delicious in store for you. You have something to live for. I don’t care how bad it is for you right now, with the recession and all. Doesn’t make a difference if your wife left you last week. You have plenty to live for if Bridesmaids is on your horizon.