The Way, Way Back Review

The Way, Way Back... is way way awesome!

Groundbreaking? Not exactly, but there’s a reason that certain stories are well-trodden: Because we want to see them again and again. Meatballs is one of my favorite movies. Vintage Bill Murray from 1979. The Way, Way Back is basically the same story: Awkward boy, who nobody appreciates, comes-of-age one summer when he meets the coolest guy in the world, who inexplicably sees something great in him, and brings it out.

The Master Review

The Master is incredibly acted. It’s visually impressive. But, it’s overall a comatose-inducing film.

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I didn’t get it.

There. That’s my secret shame about movies like this. When a movie seems smart and there’s clearly a lot of talent that went into it, I just know that it’s me. I grew up in a small suburb in Texas. I’m state school educated. Maybe I’m dumb. Because I didn’t get it.

Liberal Arts Review

Liberal Arts is inspiring. It makes you feel like you, too, could make a movie. It makes it look not all that hard. When I watched The Avengers, I was like, “I could never do that. I wouldn’t even know where to start!” But when I watched Liberal Arts, I was like, “I feel like I could pretty much make something comparable on my drive home.”

Magic Mike Review

Great film! Fun for the whole family! If your family is made up entirely of women or gay men. Not since all the Sexes in the Cities have women overdressed and flocked to the theaters with all their horndog girlfriends. If one of the rules of entertainment is ‘know your audience,’ then Magic Mike is dead-on. It’s quite possibly the greatest movie that’s ever been made, if you like movies about stripping. Turns out, I do. It’s fun and infectious (stripper pun?). You know how, at the end of Rocky, you want to run around punching things, or even just the air? At the end of Magic Mike, you’ll want to grind and hump things. And, to borrow from Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing.

Made of Honor Review

Okay, I love a romantic comedy as much as the next guy. Wait, what guys? Were any guys anywhere near this movie? None with balls. Audience-wise, there were a lot of “girl dates.” Girls-night-out sort of thing. There were some older couples and some dudes that were clearly willing to do anything to score. Like,…

Son of Rambow Review

I totally scored a date for this one. My current maybe-the-one simply refused to see “Made of Honor” with me, but lit up a little when I suggested “Son of Rambow.” We loved “Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a day” and this had the same kind of vibe. Kind of English and foreign and cutesty and…

Sex and the City Review

Okay, I went and saw “Sex and the City” this weekend. Again, stag. I cannot get my man to see these chick flicks with me. And, again, I rather admire him for it. And it’s not like this is a regular chick flick. This is chick flick on steroids. It’s the chickiest. It was all…