Black Death Review

As our intern Ben said in an e-mail for the press screening, “Black Death is Season of the Witch by people who give a shit.” He was right. Season of the Witch is a great insult to witches, demons and any other evil beings. Black Death was overall a good film. So rest easy witches, your honor has been restored.

The Lincoln Lawyer

 If my car were my office, I would get a newer car. But, I guess if I kept that car in good condition then it would be considered a classic and I could gain some hipster street cred. Like when you see an old guy in a 60’s convertible you think, “Yeah, that’s where I’ll be when I’m that age. Top down, retro shades just living the dream.” Well this movie has some of this and a healthy dose of cliché. I know I give Mathew McConaughy a lot of slack because we both are surfers with Brazilian wives. Maybe too much some times but this film is ok.

13 Assassins Review

I wish I could have been the 14th Assassin! This movie is everything that a Samurai movie should be and more. You heard me! Pull your saego out of your scabbard and get some business taken care of. Like a Kurosawa, Battle Royale and Dirty Dozen mash-up. Yes I’m saying a lot because it is tree-mendous! (Not really a word) Unless you don’t like 40 MINUTE SWORD BATTLES! Which if that’s true then stop reading this and sell your computer, because you don’t belong here.

50/50 Review

I was looking forward to seeing this film because I really like Joseph Gordon Levitt and I had heard it was based on a true story. Both of these things came together well in what is a really good film. Still hung over from the abuse I took from Green Hornet, my Seth Rogen annoyance level was humming.