Precious Review

    I just walked out of the theater and in the light, cold rain, back to my Radisson Hotel off the 75 freeway in Dallas.  I’m a little uneasy about this film.  Not because it wasn’t good, because it was a great movie.  It was the subject matter and the ugly, angry reality of…

The Road Review

If you want a Holiday, family-fun giggle fest then boy do you need to see The Road! And by family fun I mean a horrific, post-apocalyptic future that makes you want to stand in a bucket of water and chew on plugged-in Christmas tree lights. It’s about as funny as Meet the Fockers but they’re…

Up in the Air Review

  If you spend much of your life traveling, like me, then you will love this film.  If you know someone who travels a lot and want to understand that life then go see up in the Air.  It gives you the feeling of airport lounges, hotel bars, and a life lived at 30,000 feet. …

Crazy Heart Review

Drinking whiskey, long drives to shit gigs, sneaking out of hotel rooms in the morning. Ah the road. What a wonderful part of being an entertainer. Hoping for free drinks and a comped meal to take back to the motel. Debating with yourself about life choices. Am I living a dream of freedom from a boring life? Or have I failed and become a broken down version of myself that wasn’t even real to begin with? When you’re successful it’s called being an eccentric artist, when you’ve failed it’s a big hot bowl of all your faults that you’ve got to jam down your rotten yap hole every day. That’s what Bad Blake shows us, or at least tries too.

The Messenger Review

After a week and a half of shows in Iraq during Thanksgiving 2007 I was on a C-130 flying from Baghdad to Kuwait. What was supposed to be a routine 40-minute flight turned into a much different journey. We were diverted back to the airfield in Balad to pick up “HR”. That is the code…

American: The Bill Hicks Story Review

I had only been doing stand-up a couple of years when I saw Bill Hicks at the Funny Firm in downtown Chicago. The back of the club was filled with comics. I had heard about him but seeing him live was another experience. I remember a bit about the Devil fucking someone and creating John Davidson and Tony Robbins. I remember thinking how cool it was that I was going to quit my job waiting tables at Bacino’s on 75 East Wacker and go at stand-up full time.

Kick-Ass Review

If The Dark Knight had jokes it would be Kick-Ass. Yes this movie is that good. Dark Knight is one of the greatest superhero movies ever and Kick-Ass is on par. I know the trailer makes it look like a Disney film that you might watch part of if you were on a plane. The whole time thinking, “I guess this film is ok since it distracted me from the two business guys talking about boring bullshit on my flight to St. Louis, but I’m glad I didn’t spend money to see it in a theater.” Fear not my fellow nerds, this film will blow your mind.