Emperor Review

Emperor is a solid film based on the true story of the reconstruction of Japan after World War 2. The movie is directed by Peter Webber and stars Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones. Fox plays General Bonner Fellers, who was assigned by General MacArthur to covertly investigate the Emperor’s fate while the future of Japan hung in the balance. Fox has to determine if the Emperor should be punished for war crimes or saved. Fellers and MacArthur are in the tough spot of the world wanting the Emperor’s head and the Japanese looking at him as a living God. This is the story of the film.

Zero Dark Thirty Review

No other single event has changed the course of my life more than the attacks on September 11, 2001. Like many Americans, and others throughout the world, I was questioning my purpose in life. I was hosting game shows and telling jokes. What was my contribution to society? It felt like that unless I was a firefighter, cop, or health care professional, my life was a waste. This was an extreme reaction, but then again there was no air traffic for five days. So when I saw the news in the restaurant on May 1, 2011 I sat in disbelief. Maybe it was because I just finished moving for the fourth time in three and a half years. Of course I was tired, but I had a sense of relief. Osama Bin Laden was dead.

The Raid review

I want to raid a building full of criminals and fight them with guns and knives. I mean who wouldn’t? I want to have an elite special forces team go on a floor-by-floor ass kicking parade that ends with a bloody stack of bodies. And I want it with amazing martial artists and camera work. Well, looks like The Raid answered my prayers, the newest film from Indonesia and director Gareth Huw Evans.

Outrage Review

I love the Yakuza. I mean, who doesn’t? Tattoos and guns combined with complex hierarchy makes for a grand time at the talkies. Beat Takashi is such a solid filmmaker and actor that I will see anything he does. Unless he stars in the Japanese version of Dark Knight where Justin Beiber plays Robin, then maybe I would pass. But put him as a mid-level gangster trying to slug out an existence in modern Tokyo and I am ready to go.


Leatherheads Review

by Graham Elwood I love football. Football and time travel movies have me at hello. So you tell me football and George Clooney. I’m in. I like clooney, always have. This movie missed the mark a little bit but its hard to get too angry when the whole premise is a fictional account of how…

Redbelt Review

Why Redbelt? Why? Because you have a code. Because you have honor, that’s why. When everyone else has or is in the process of selling out, you say honor and code. Statements written on dojo doorways are sometimes read but rarely adhered too. You instill this code in others. Few, but others none the less.…

Indiana Jones Review

There has been a lot of nerd rumblings that this wasn’t going to be good. I did not care. I think there is still some nerd PTSD from the “Star Wars” prequels that had theaters full of tension. Like when I saw “Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” yesterday. There was a fair…