Megamind Review

Hey, you know what kids like? Complex morality tales about destiny and the ying and yang of good and evil. And how love is the true motivation to do good, and that one day, half-way through your life, you may reverse your career decision and that will be okay because nature will balance whatever vacuum you created.  Wait… what? Kids don’t like that?

The King’s Speech Review

Never has a movie so closely resembled the relationship I have with Comedy Film Nerds very own Graham Elwood. One time, he was the vibrant Geoffery Rush to my stammering Colin Firth when I, for some reason, was hired by the Travel Channel to host a 7 hour live Ghost Hunt on Halloween Night at a defunct mental asylum in Weston West Virginia.

Take Me Home Tonight Review

Hey Kids. Do you miss the 80’s? Specifically, that ONE NIGHT in 1984 when you just got out of college and you didn’t know what you were going to do with your life so you go to a couple of parties with your high school crush and it ALL BECOMES SO CLEAR? Well, this movie is for you, and you alone. Niche marketed, times 10.

Red Riding Hood Review

Red Riding Hood is a completely average effort raised a little higher with some good script ideas on how to mash the tired fairy tale with monster movie cliches to fresh effect BUT pushed a little below the grade due to the two male lookers who knee cap this project like a thug with a crowbar.

Comic-Con 2011

This being my first ComicCon after a 3 year absence, it was fun to see what had changed and what had stayed the same. Also, it was good to come back to promote a show on Cinemax that I was in called Femme Fatales. The power of HBO pulling some of the strings to see to that I had a badge.

Tower Heist Review

Okay, I am officially worried for the Oscars. Seeing how weird Eddie Murphy is in this movie, he should have taken a moment to consider what hosting the Oscars means. Clearly, there is no joy left in his performing, and there is an odd disconnect from everyone he ‘shares’ screen time with. In fact, I would hazard a guess that many of the fellow actors weren’t even there on the same day he was since all his scenes were shot in a series of close-ups and one offs.