Cloud Atlas Review

Remember in college when you got super high and you said shit like, “We are totally connected so whatever I do now affects the future and what I did in past affects me now AND the past, present, and future exists right now so as infinite as the universe is outward we are inward, dude.” And then you tried to write it down but next morning the only thing the paper said was “the window is open?” Luckily, someone had Dragon-Voice recognition software and got a 1,500 page novel out of that experience and that has been made into a movie called Cloud Atlas. It’s a kind of awesome mind-fuck action flick multi-space/time love story that you can enjoy on the surface or get all trippy with on a date afterwards and she’ll think your deep or an asshole (I’ve experienced both!)

John Carter review

Oh, to be a science fiction writer in the 1910’s, without all the science to get in the way of the fiction. Edgar Rice Burroughs was lapping up that luxury when he penned a story of a guy who accidentally teleports to Mars and, because of gravitational differences, can jump really far! Gosh! That’s it. Oh and his punches are harder too, and with those two ‘powers’ he saves the princess of the planet, and by extension stops a war that would wipe out all remaining life. So ONE HUNDRED years later, the movie finally gets made. Talk about turnaround.


The Adventures of Tintin review

Full Disclosure: I had read a few of Herge’s Tintin books when I was 10 even though some of the books were in French. I have the two Tintin action figures and the rare “Tintin Goes to Soviet Russia” with the additional car from the same book of which only 32 were made that I got a closeout sale at a Tintin store in Stockholm. I also have a needlepoint Cap’n Haddock t-shirt that I got on a beach in Thailand. So supposedly that makes me qualified to sit in judgement of this latest result of our global culture being wrapped into two hours.


Why don’t movies match the books? Some of the worst translations from book to screen have come from some of my most favorite books ever. And it seems so simple a thing: the book has it all laid out and yet these dang producers, writers, and directors just could not pull it together to translate…

Sci-Fi Conventions

Conventions are fun. Let me start by saying, as an actor, I love going to Sci-Fi conventions. Travel and hotels are all nice, cash is just alright, but the real joy is in …the real joy of it. That fans and non fans come from all over to hang out for a weekend, and the…