John Wick review

Stuntmen David Leitch and Chad Stahelski’s revenge bloodbath John Wick seems to have been borne out of this concept: Take the best scene from The Matrix, distill it down to its essential elements, and make an entire movie out of that. Thus we have an incredibly stylish, stylized film that is almost entirely composed of…

Fading Gigolo Review

Not only is the role of Murray in Fading Gigolo Woody Allen’s best role – and performance – in decades, the film’s initial scenes crackle with the economy, wit, and simplicity of Allen’s lightest soufflés. Unfortunately, writer and director John Turturro intends a deeper tale than these initial bites of joy suggest, and, stretching the metaphor, the main course has none of the bite of the hors d’oeuvres.

Filth Review

At a slender 97 minutes, Filth, adapted faithfully from Irvine Welsh’s terrific 1998 novel, is 95 minutes too long. From the opening monologue by James McAvoy’s Bruce Robertson, decrying Scotland as the place that gave the world “deep fried Mars Bars,” you know you’re in terrible hands all around. Not only has that gag dated, so has the entire world these characters populate. Yet the film is set in the here and now, and its characters’ attitudes have moved from humorously cutting-edge to deeply offensive.