You’re Next Review

Everybody likes to be pleasantly surprised.  And these days, with the horror genre, it’s especially enjoyable.  That sounds weird, to be really happy when a movie that involves bloody gruesome deaths is involved.  Well, weird for those that don’t like horror movies, anyway.  The rest of us just squee for joy at a film that offers us something unique or worthwhile.

The Way, Way Back Review

The Way, Way Back... is way way awesome!

Groundbreaking? Not exactly, but there’s a reason that certain stories are well-trodden: Because we want to see them again and again. Meatballs is one of my favorite movies. Vintage Bill Murray from 1979. The Way, Way Back is basically the same story: Awkward boy, who nobody appreciates, comes-of-age one summer when he meets the coolest guy in the world, who inexplicably sees something great in him, and brings it out.

The Return of the King of the Monsters and How to Prepare For It.

If you dont know who I’m talking about then sit back and get schooled.  Though I suspect many of our readers here know that the King of the Monsters is Godzilla, or Gojira (pronounced “Godjeeda, the ‘j’ much like a soft ‘d’ sound. Listen closely during the scenes in which throngs of Japanese citizens are running hysterically away from the mayhem, you’ll hear it.)

The Conjuring Review

Rock & roll movies are my focus, but I made an exception for The Conjuring because the only thing that rivaled rock & roll for my earliest affections was horror films. I was just as likely to be found reading Famous Monsters Of Filmland magazine as Hit Parader. And I loved the rockers who recognized a market at that particular intersection–Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and later Alice Cooper and KISS. I was delighted to get a “two-for-one.”