The Croods Review

After trying hundreds of times to explain to my oldest son what the word “crude” means and how it applied to his table manners, I was ready to give up. Then we saw Dreamworks newest animated comedy The Croods and he finally got it. “Mommy, are trying to say that I eat like a caveman?” “YES! That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say!” Well worth the price of admission if all we got out of it was making that point.

Evil Dead Review

Yes, yes, I know; why would someone remake the Evil Dead? We asked the same question when they remade Nightmare on Elmstreet and Friday the 13th. I asked myself the same thing of all these. But where Nightmare and Friday the 13th mostly failed by simply remaking the originals, Evil Dead is made not by trying to recreate the original, but by taking the same premise and making a film that is both faithful to the original, and creating it’s own identity.