12 Years A Slave Review

Oh my god!!  This is the WORST Christmas movie ever!  For one, it’s not about Christmas, it’s about slavery. Which, in retrospect, I should have gathered from the title. Seriously, though. This is the most brutal, hard-to-watch, eye-opening film of the year. Every single person ever should watch. I loved it, in that way that you love a movie and hope to never, ever, ever see it again. 

The Last Days On Mars Review

You know, I love the whole sci-fi genre. One of my favorites. And, despite the current over-saturation of zombie oriented fare, I’m a fan of zombies, too. Well, of course The Walking Dead is fine. Of all the zombie stuff going on, that is still great. But we could do with a break otherwise. Unfortunately, The Last Days On Mars, despite a fine cast and production value, is little more than Zombies On Mars.

Inside Llewyn Davis Review

If your favourite Coen Bros. flick is The Big Lebowski, True Grit or No Country For Old Men, there’s no guarantee that the new one, Inside Llewyn Davis, is going to be up your alley. But if you thought A Serious Man was funny as shit (it was), pissed yourself at O Brother Where Art Thou?, and basically had a haemorrhage the first time you saw Raising Arizona, you’ll love Davis, which is really funny while also bringing the Art.

Birth of the Living Dead Review

Birth of the Living Dead is a documentary about the making of one of my favorite films; Night of the Living Dead. It contains a treasure trove of trivia about how George A. Romero, NOTLD’s director and screenwriter, added the zombie to the classic monster roster with the help of a rag-tag group of investors and first-time actors and filmmakers.  But unlike Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and The Wolfman, zombies were added as a whole, as a collective. Forty-five years after NOTLD’s release, zombies are more popular than ever, which makes me a very happy man.

Blackfish Review

Whatever your feelings on the imprisonment and exploitation of sea mammals for profit – ambivalence, acceptance, unease or indignation – the sober, level-headed and extremely well-constructed documentary Blackfish is sure to open your eyes a little wider, introduce you to some aspects of the industry that you didn’t know, and perhaps, if you’re of the ambivalent or accepting camps, change your point of view. I’m in the indignant camp and it still taught me an awful lot about this dispicable industry.

Diana Review

A foolhardy concept from its very inception, Diana, which imagines the relationship, in the last three years of her life, between Diana, Princess of Wales, and heart surgeon Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews) is chock full of dialogue that no actor can possibly make work. If we are to believe this film, Diana and Hasnat’s early courtship, held essentially in secret at Kensington Palace, was composed of her making gags about the bounty of royalty (asked if she has any more wine, she replies “This is a Palace – we don’t run out of anything”), while he parried with poetic quotes and ludicrous, high-faultin’ babble (on surgery: “You don’t perform the operation – the operation performs you”).