The Raid review

I want to raid a building full of criminals and fight them with guns and knives. I mean who wouldn’t? I want to have an elite special forces team go on a floor-by-floor ass kicking parade that ends with a bloody stack of bodies. And I want it with amazing martial artists and camera work. Well, looks like The Raid answered my prayers, the newest film from Indonesia and director Gareth Huw Evans.

John Carter review

Oh, to be a science fiction writer in the 1910’s, without all the science to get in the way of the fiction. Edgar Rice Burroughs was lapping up that luxury when he penned a story of a guy who accidentally teleports to Mars and, because of gravitational differences, can jump really far! Gosh! That’s it. Oh and his punches are harder too, and with those two ‘powers’ he saves the princess of the planet, and by extension stops a war that would wipe out all remaining life. So ONE HUNDRED years later, the movie finally gets made. Talk about turnaround.


Silent House Review

I said it before with the film Martha Marcy May Marlene, and I’ll reiterate it here; Elizabeth Olsen is chock full of talent and is going to be one of those truly great actresses. Silent House is a very competent, creepy horror film, and she is a big reason for that. But it’s two of the other actors that hold this back from being great.

Outrage Review

I love the Yakuza. I mean, who doesn’t? Tattoos and guns combined with complex hierarchy makes for a grand time at the talkies. Beat Takashi is such a solid filmmaker and actor that I will see anything he does. Unless he stars in the Japanese version of Dark Knight where Justin Beiber plays Robin, then maybe I would pass. But put him as a mid-level gangster trying to slug out an existence in modern Tokyo and I am ready to go.