Ice Age: Continental Drift Review

The good news for parents taking their kids to see this installment of the series is that taking your “wee” ones (pun intended) to the bathroom during the film will not hinder your enjoyment or leave you lost in the plot whatsoever. We had to “go” during the climax of the movie. “Are you SURE you can’t wait a few more minutes, it’s almost over.” “No, Mommy…I filled up my bladder to the top and it’s about to spill out!” We came back to the theater and Manny & his gang were all still right where we left them: Sliding around on the ice.

Ted Review

Assuredly, fans of Family Guy will find enjoyment in Ted, as it is co-written and directed by Seth McFarlane. I, myself, am about, oh, a 75 % fan of Family Guy. It’s generally funny, but sometimes I feel like the jokes are just for Seth, and no one else. That being said, Ted is still as broad in it’s comedy and often low brow, but perhaps there are less jokes that require you to be in Seth’s head.

Magic Mike Review

Great film! Fun for the whole family! If your family is made up entirely of women or gay men. Not since all the Sexes in the Cities have women overdressed and flocked to the theaters with all their horndog girlfriends. If one of the rules of entertainment is ‘know your audience,’ then Magic Mike is dead-on. It’s quite possibly the greatest movie that’s ever been made, if you like movies about stripping. Turns out, I do. It’s fun and infectious (stripper pun?). You know how, at the end of Rocky, you want to run around punching things, or even just the air? At the end of Magic Mike, you’ll want to grind and hump things. And, to borrow from Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Review

My family is a big fan of this franchise. We fell in love with the characters in the first Madagascar. My 4-year-old loves Marty the Zebra, “Because he’s black and white.” My 7-year-old loves Alex the Lion “Because he’s funny and because I know four Alexes in my class.” My 42-year-old husband will laugh out loud at anything uttered by big-eyed, King Julien sidekick, Mort. And me? Melman the Giraffe’s neurosis makes me giggle but I LOVE me some Motto Motto the Hippo. In fact, his song “I like ‘em big, I like ‘em chunky…” sung in Madagascar 2 is my ringtone when my husband calls me. (Eh-hem.) But I digress…