Dredd 3D Review

It’d be easy to say that this new film adaptation of the 2000 AD comic character Judge Dredd is better than the first one. Safe to say the Stallone version was too slick, too watered down, just generally too Hollywood for this character. But for the second time this year, I’m surprised to find a film that is not only better than expected, but pretty damn entertaining, if even in just a superficial way.

The Bourne Legacy Review

I am probably not the best source for Bourne knowledge. I didn’t read all the books. I didn’t see the third movie. I don’t have a strong attachment to Matt Damon as the spy/assassin. “It’s Damon, or no one!” is not something you’ll find me shouting. I mostly just enjoy them as watchable action movies with moderately believable plots. It’s nice when an action movie tries to give you more than just gun fights and car crashes …but sometimes, that’s all they’re really good for.

Total Recall Review

It’s certainly no surpise that we are not often on board with the whole remake thing these days. They so seldom make any improvement on the original. And as we have entered the Age of the Reboot, this can only get more disheartening and annoying as the next few years pass. Interestingly, however, I happen to think the original Total Recall was actually a film that could use a fresh look. The technology has advanced leaps and bounds since 1990 and I think the original shows its’ age. Ultimately, the film director Len Wiseman has made does does nothing injurious to the idea of remakes, and maybe even makes a mild case FOR them.

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

So I’m in a movie theater in Arkansas with my wife and some family members watching the new Spiderman film, and to be honest, I’m less than entertained. Suddenly, my wife turns to me and says, “Is it just me or is this kind of boring?” I nod in agreement. No, it’s not just you! This movie is boring! In fact if we hadn’t been with family members, I probably would have asked my wife if we could leave. But, since this was not an option, we managed to trudge through the rest of the film. A film that, in my not-so-humble opinion, went from being dull to laughably bad.