Natural Selection Review

If you haven’t heard of this movie, it’s one that people will pass along to you like it’s a hip new indie band. That’s how this movie was brought to my attention, and more often than not when anything is built up in that way it doesn’t live up to it. Natural Selection, however, is different. It wasn’t built up as the greatest movie ever. Just a cool movie. And that’s exactly what it is.

Beauty and the Beast Review

I’m a Disney-a-holic, so this is hard for me to admit and even harder to write. I grew up in Florida, so I’ve been immersed in Disney from an early age. I LOVE Disney and everything it embodies: Magic, memories, family, and especially their movies. I own about half of them. I would own all of them, but I’m a mom to two boys and princesses are a hard sell. I usually have to trick them into seeing a princess movie by pitching the super cool prince, the evil nemesis, or the wacky sidekick. That technique is exactly how I got them to see Beauty and the Beast. “Mom, isn’t that a story about a princess?” “Nope. It’s a story about a girl who likes to read and has to join forces with a talking candle to tame a Beast!” “Whoa. OK, Mom…push ‘play’. “