Outrage Review

I love the Yakuza. I mean, who doesn’t? Tattoos and guns combined with complex hierarchy makes for a grand time at the talkies. Beat Takashi is such a solid filmmaker and actor that I will see anything he does. Unless he stars in the Japanese version of Dark Knight where Justin Beiber plays Robin, then maybe I would pass. But put him as a mid-level gangster trying to slug out an existence in modern Tokyo and I am ready to go.


Chronicle Review

You know, if you ever wondered what an emo high school teenager might do if he had super powers, then look no further than Chronicle. Gee, I suppose that could be perceived either good or bad depending on how you feel about emo teenagers. Unless you are one, then maybe not so good. But don’t let that make you throw this film to the wolves just yet. Wait, didn’t I just write about wolves?