Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol review

Every time Tom Cruise makes a movie, I roll my eyes like a knee-jerk reaction. What, you thought I was going to say every time he makes a movie a group of Scientologists get to the next OT Level? Well, that likely happens, too. Ok, maybe I’m being a little too hard on the guy. Or maybe not. He’s filthy rich, good looking, and a movie star. What could I possibly do to affect his life? He won’t likely read this review anyway.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Review

You know, it’s funny. The first Sherlock Holmes movie was like the remake of Ocean’s 11; I know I enjoyed it while watching it, but hours later I couldn’t really tell you all that much about it. It’s like the old saying about Chinese food: it’s good and fills you up, but an hour later you’re looking to eat again. But here, with the second installment of this Holmes franchise, I found myself considerably more satisfied with the meal.