Review of The Thing

When you do a remake – or in this case a prequel that seems like a remake – you have to do some things that  add to the film you’re remaking to make it somehow new.  This has been done with varying degrees of success over the years, and this new version of The Thing falls somewhere in the middle.  How’s that for a glowing endorsement? 

50/50 Review

I was looking forward to seeing this film because I really like Joseph Gordon Levitt and I had heard it was based on a true story. Both of these things came together well in what is a really good film. Still hung over from the abuse I took from Green Hornet, my Seth Rogen annoyance level was humming.

Margin Call Review

Ok, it’s not necessarily a film one might think a bunch of “comedy film nerds” would be focusing on, but hey, the comic book movies are done for the year, so let’s delve into some meaty character driven drama, shall we?  Time to find out why they aren’t given out press passes so readily. 

Tower Heist Review

Okay, I am officially worried for the Oscars. Seeing how weird Eddie Murphy is in this movie, he should have taken a moment to consider what hosting the Oscars means. Clearly, there is no joy left in his performing, and there is an odd disconnect from everyone he ‘shares’ screen time with. In fact, I would hazard a guess that many of the fellow actors weren’t even there on the same day he was since all his scenes were shot in a series of close-ups and one offs.

I Melt With You Review

Sometimes, you really look forward to a film. A great, personal premise, great actors, and a cool location start things off and you figure you are off to the races. Then the film has a generational feel to it with some added organic nostalgia, a whiff of melancholy and an exploration of life and what people do with it. Cool. Wait… that wasn’t this movie. How did things go so horribly wrong with this film?