Moments of Fake and Real Horror at Monsterpalooza

My father has always said that if he had his life to live over again, he would have pursued a career in special effects make up. He’s a truly gifted artist who loves to sculpt and I think the idea of spending his life creating fantastic creatures would have been a dream come true. The jobs my dad did have during his life included working at a meat packing plant, owning a restaurant, and for the most part, catering. But he did manage to feed his muse over the years with his own amateur art projects. My dad is now in his late eighties and has recently neglected his art stuff, so I was trying to think of a way to get him motivated again. Then, I remembered Monsterpalooza.

13 Assassins Review

I wish I could have been the 14th Assassin! This movie is everything that a Samurai movie should be and more. You heard me! Pull your saego out of your scabbard and get some business taken care of. Like a Kurosawa, Battle Royale and Dirty Dozen mash-up. Yes I’m saying a lot because it is tree-mendous! (Not really a word) Unless you don’t like 40 MINUTE SWORD BATTLES! Which if that’s true then stop reading this and sell your computer, because you don’t belong here.

Limitless Review

Sometimes a movie comes along that intrigues me. The idea seems interesting and if placed in the right hands, it can be elevated to barely decent. That’s Limitless. A barely decent movie starring a very pretty man, filled with obvious plot twists and a never get me on the edge of my seat plot.

The People vs. George Lucas Review

If ever there was a movie for us nerds, this would be it.  As you all know, we stand by the slogan, “Han shot first” pretty religiously around here.  And that is one of the points of interest in this highly entertaining and informative documentary that is all about how people feel about the Star Wars saga, both good and bad.

Hesher Review

The trailer for this is so great.  Old thrashing Metallica chords cut with brief scenes of a long-haired Joseph Gordon Levitt doing reckless things and befuddling a man and his son.  It tells us almost nothing but immediately made me want to see it.