Red Riding Hood Review

Red Riding Hood is a completely average effort raised a little higher with some good script ideas on how to mash the tired fairy tale with monster movie cliches to fresh effect BUT pushed a little below the grade due to the two male lookers who knee cap this project like a thug with a crowbar.

The Lincoln Lawyer

 If my car were my office, I would get a newer car. But, I guess if I kept that car in good condition then it would be considered a classic and I could gain some hipster street cred. Like when you see an old guy in a 60’s convertible you think, “Yeah, that’s where I’ll be when I’m that age. Top down, retro shades just living the dream.” Well this movie has some of this and a healthy dose of cliché. I know I give Mathew McConaughy a lot of slack because we both are surfers with Brazilian wives. Maybe too much some times but this film is ok.

Insidious Review

When I shelled out my hard earned cash for a ticket to see the new horror film, Insidious by Saw director James Wan, I expected to see yet another deadly serious attempt at scaring the Bejezuz H. Christ out of me by getting me to entertain the idea that ghosts and demons are real. So, when I sat down in my seat with my wife, Carrie, my attitude was “Okay, let’s do this! I’m ready to be terrified. Do your worst!”