Black Death Review

As our intern Ben said in an e-mail for the press screening, “Black Death is Season of the Witch by people who give a shit.” He was right. Season of the Witch is a great insult to witches, demons and any other evil beings. Black Death was overall a good film. So rest easy witches, your honor has been restored.

Take Me Home Tonight Review

Hey Kids. Do you miss the 80’s? Specifically, that ONE NIGHT in 1984 when you just got out of college and you didn’t know what you were going to do with your life so you go to a couple of parties with your high school crush and it ALL BECOMES SO CLEAR? Well, this movie is for you, and you alone. Niche marketed, times 10.

An Evening with Michael Winner

Looking dapper in a black suit, dark blue shirt and sensible shoes, the man behind the podium surveyed the audience and pronounced, “Never eat oysters and don’t buy a Ferrari.” Still the director eleven years after his last film, Michael Winner had command of a full house of family, friends and film freaks eager to watch a double feature of his films Deathwish and Nightcomers at the Aero Theater on a balmy Friday night in Santa Monica.