Trivia and Two Grits

Elvis Presley was reportedly offered the role of LaBoeuf and–who knows–the film could very well have redefined Elvis as an actor. I think he’d have been great in the role. It only went to Campbell after Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker, insisted Elvis get top billing over John Wayne. IN A WESTERN! “Yeah, and after you sign that deal, get on the horn and book The Beatles to open for me in Liverpool!”

Rabbit Hole Review

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are the stars of Rabbit Hole, but the real star of the film is grief. Specifically, the misery two parents go through when they lose a child. The film takes place eight months after the death of their son, and it delivers plenty of slow-motion tear-streaked faces, but it’s unlikely to deliver any in the audience unless you lost your kid on the way to the Cineplex or were one of the investors.

The King’s Speech Review

Never has a movie so closely resembled the relationship I have with Comedy Film Nerds very own Graham Elwood. One time, he was the vibrant Geoffery Rush to my stammering Colin Firth when I, for some reason, was hired by the Travel Channel to host a 7 hour live Ghost Hunt on Halloween Night at a defunct mental asylum in Weston West Virginia.

Vanishing On 7th Street Review

This film certainly gives “be afraid of the dark” considerably new meaning, and there are certainly some very creepy moments to be found here.   The tone and the cinematography are great, and the music just helps to set the shadowy, tension-y tone.  “Tension-y”?  Yeah, I just made that up.  No, really.  You won’t find that in any dictionary.