My Soul To Take Review

Oh, Wes Craven, where is your Nightmare On Elm Street, your Scream, your Serpent and the Rainbow?  They are gems of the past.  It would seem all we’re left with in the present is My Money -uh, Soul, To Take.  Oh, sure, it looks good, and there’s some good mis-direction, but where is the horror?

Monsters Review

I love monster movies.  Love ’em.  Been a Godzilla fan since I was a mid single-digit child.  I was watching some kind of monster movie when my mom kicked my dad out of the house for good.  If there was a film with a monster, giant or otherwise, I’d watch it.  And I still do.

Shriekfest 2010


Ladies and gentleman, ghouls and gravediggers, undead and dead alike, welcome to another wrap-up of Shriekfest!  2010 was a pretty good year, all things considered.  First off, I’d like to say that I really like Shriekfest.  I have a great time there and I usually make time to see just about everything.

Megamind Review

Hey, you know what kids like? Complex morality tales about destiny and the ying and yang of good and evil. And how love is the true motivation to do good, and that one day, half-way through your life, you may reverse your career decision and that will be okay because nature will balance whatever vacuum you created.  Wait… what? Kids don’t like that?