A Nightmare On Elm Street Review

There is always a ton of horror movie nerd controversy about remakes in this genre, perhaps more than usual.  And a remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street is way up there on the list.  You seem to either be a die-hard Robert Englund fan and feel like this remake is some sort of personal afront to him and anyone that loves his work, or you have an open mind and take this movie for what it is.

The Losers Review

Let the comic book movie onslaught begin!  Or, actually, you know, continue.  But I am certainly not complaining, no sir, not me.  The thing about all these comic book movies is that it actually gives me a chance to catch up and/or read some series that I just don’t have the time or money to keep up with.  Hey, it’s hard work buying and reading all these things.

Robin Hood Review

You remember that movie the Ridley Scott Directed that had Russell Crowe in it?  That movie Gladiator?  Well, if you don’t, go see Robin Hood.  You’ll get the idea.  Ok, it’s not that it’s so bad, becuase it isn’t.  It’s just that Robin Hood is the same kind of movie.  It’s a big, Hollywood period epic with all the same kind of ingredients just put together in a slightly different way.

Iron Man 2 Review

This is going to be a fairly easy review.  If you liked the first one, this should make you happy.  Now, I’m a comic book fan but I didn’t read Iron Man, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of following the comics and what not, but as a movie, this thing was big and fun.  John Favreau directs Iron Man 2 from a script by Justin Theroux and they seem to be handling things well thus far.

Survival of the Dead Review

You’d think that the guy who pretty much invented the zombie genre as we know it today would make a decent zombie film, especially since it is part of his own series of films.  Yeah, not so much.  Survival of the Dead may actually be referring to the people in the audience.  Brain dead with boredom.