Splice Review

It’s been a while since we had a smart sci-fi horror film.  You know, one that isn’t just a hack n’slash gore film in the guise of a science fiction premise.  The last great science fiction film I saw was Moon, last summer.  Now, although I think that is better, Splice is definitely a smart sci-fi film made for an adult audience.  No, please don’t take your kids to this one. 

Cyrus Review

Who could properly handle a script about a divorced man that falls for a woman who has a 21 year old son that is WAY to close to her?  You know, one of those mother/son relationships where she breast fed him until he was, like, five?  Weird, right?  And the son doesn’t want this guy getting to his mom; he wants to drive him away.

Jonah Hex Review

You know, this movie has plenty of style, production value, and relevance for a comic book movie…IF IT WERE 1995.  Unfortunately, for 2010, it is cheesy, and not in the ironic way, full of bad one-liners and a completely uninteresting script.  Does anyone even know who Jonah Hex is?  What could the percentage be of comic book nerds that not only know this character, but are also big fans champing at the bit for a movie version?

Four Lions Review

Four Lions is a British movie you will probably never seen in an American movie theater because we are a fearful, stupid people. And that is sad. It is sad because Four Lions is a brilliant comedy about terrorists that completely disarms terrorism with humor. We can’t have that now, can we America?