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    I don’t know anything about how this new message bored system works, but the sub-forums could probably be collapsed down into just a few big ones if that’s possible. Back in the days when this place was hoppin’ (~10 regular posters, sometimes as many as TWO or THREE at a time(!)) I went a little overboard I think in creating different sub-forums. CFN Graphics, for instance, has no need to be it’s separate thing, and really didn’t at the time :p

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    Neil! That’s awesome you stopped by the Boreds.

    I skipped Venom, so many mixed reports.

    I shall have to check out Taboo! I’m pretty sure they use “series” because of the distinguished way it sounds with that accent 🙂 You know, “ALLO GUVNAH, HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST SEE-RIES???”

    …I’ll just be over here.

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    And then that POST just took almost 17 seconds, for a total load time of 25 seconds! …has Graham been talking more shit than normal about the NSA lately or something :p

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    It’s good the boards are trying to be revived, but the slowness issues seem to be getting worse. I don’t do web dev or anything, but there seems to be a serious issue with responsiveness on the part of the site’s hosting. The connection is established pretty quickly (around 80ms for me on average) but for every new page get request, it spends anywhere from 6-12 seconds waiting for a response from the server. Here’s one example from loading up this page in Firefox:

    GET /message-boards/topic/new-website-happy-smile/ HTTP/1.1 (a 105.14 KB file)

    Connecting: 81 ms
    Sending: 0 ms
    Waiting: 10115 ms
    Receiving:93 ms

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    Rise from your grave, message board!

    I really enjoyed reading about other peoples’ experiences with the Disney movies. Mine always stands out in my head. My parents were ultra-religious and I never went to see movies of any kind in a theater when I was a child, but we did have a single VCR player, and we had bootlegged VHS copies, which a relative had made with their fancy dual-deck VCR player, of a few of the older Disney movies; The Fox and the Hound, Dumbo, Bambi, and Cinderella are the ones I can remember for sure. Basically Disney’s most depressing, and also probably their most well known, run.

    Not having access to watching much of anything else, those got a lot of replay, especially after my younger brother was born, and we would watch them together.

    Fast forward to a more permissive time in my parents’ lives and after a falling out with their church, and I ended up taking my brother to see both The Emporer’s New Groove and Lilo and Stitch in theaters. I remember loving Lilo and Stitch, and really liking Emporer’s New Groove, although I haven’t checked it out since. For me, Lilo and Stitch marked a big turning point for Disney, as apart from the Pixar stuff, they haven’t released anything that’s caught my attention. Granted, I’m much older now and not right in the target audience anymore, and don’t have kids that are.

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    Hey the boards are back! I was glad to hear that in one of the recent-ish podcasts, I’ve not been able to catch all of the podcasts anymore, but am trying to work it back into my rotation.

    1. Jeez, I think it was also Doug Loves Movies, 6-7ish years ago? Either that or one of the million other comedy podcasts I used to have on rotation, Graham or both Graham and Chris were guests if I remember correctly.

    2. Dating myself big time, but I have two I love: the first one is the episode where they tell the whole wild story of Chris’ movie Asylum(2014) and what happened with that:
    The second is the one really early where Graham had to do an accent for the whole thing as the result of a bet or donations made in the cause.

    3. Can’t think of one in particular but like Charlene, I often use the spoilers to hear about a movie I have no intention of seeing. For me that’s been a lot of the superhero ones.

    4. Dean Haglund! He also did one of my favorite episodes I mentioned above, about the making of Asylum.

    5. My signed copy of Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies.

    6. Tough to choose but if I have to do one, Taxi Driver.

    7. Probably Darren Aronofsky, right now at least, although I haven’t seen his latest one Mother.

    8. Ohhh Tom Hardy, I’m going to steal your answer. I just watched this movie on Netflix with him called Locke that was just him driving in a car for the whole thing and it was damn riveting.

    9. Han shot first.

    10. Not yet, sadly.

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    There were in fact TWO theatrically-released sequels to American Pie I know, I know! It wasn’t just straight to video tie-ins, of which there are now at least a few according to IMDB. But American Pie 2 was followed up in 2003 by American Wedding, which I actually did see in a theater. I couldn’t really tell you anything about the plot though.

    I definitely know what you mean. I’m pretty sure I saw American Pie 2 as well, but if you had a gun to my head and demanded I give even a cursory plot summary, I would just ask that you pull the trigger and get it over with. “Uh I don’t know, I think Eugene Levy walks in on Jason Biggs doing something inappropriate? Stifler makes a really off color joke?”

    During my time working at a movie theater years ago, I saw so many movies I’ve completely forgotten.

    I started one of those lists myself at one point, the idea being to keep track of every movie I’ve seen, which was quickly abandoned as much too monumental a task. But it looks like the 2005 film Heights was one of those, I’m sitting here reading the plot description and looking at stills from it, and I am still completely blanking.

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    Hey, one I’ve seen not too long ago!

    I really liked this movie. The two leads really do a fantastic job, which is good because they have to carry the whole thing.

    My interpretation of this movie, and I’m going to spoil this because it’s difficult to talk about without giving anything away: BIG SPOILERS AHEAD DON’T READ IF YOU PLAN TO WATCH THIS AND DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT

    It seems to be about rushing into a relationship and discovering you don’t know the person like you thought you did. They’re a very young couple, and you see from the beginning that they still are finding out a lot of things about each other, more than you’d expect from two people who have moved to the marriage stage in their relationship.

    Then comes the dissolution of the relationship, which is quickly set in motion by the “alien abduction”; once they realize they’ve married someone who seems different than the person they thought they knew, someone who acts in a way that is completely alien, everything starts to fall apart, and the last half of the movie chronicles this. They each handle it in their separate ways; the husband is angry and confused and demands answers to why his wife is acting so different, and the wife is in denial that there is something very wrong with their marriage; she doesn’t even try to hide the wounds on her legs, because that would mean admitting things have deteriorated so badly.

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    I love going through the cast list, they have some of the best character names. I didn’t even know half the characters had those names. Another example of how he’s built a world without having to explain everything to the viewer!

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    Just wanted to say thanks for the writeups, I’m usually all over horror (especially if it’s up on Netflix) but haven’t been watching many movies in general lately. I will add the ones you recommend to the old queue!

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    The media are really doing a good job of proving his point for him. Now Obama’s still a politician, and I thought the interview still mostly just hit his talking points, but it was so nice to see it happen in a much more relaxed and unfiltered medium, and it’s a huge moment for podcasting.

    I don’t remember if you’re in the US Scrugulus, but if you’re not aware, US politics right now is kind of like a bus full of clowns that’s on fire, and the whole thing is driving straight into a volcano. I stopped paying attention to the standard “news” outlets so long ago, and doing a quick search to see what they had to say about the interview sealed my decision. And holy shit, don’t read the comments sections on news sites, whatever you do.

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    Wow this was AMAZING. As always I was really late seeing it, but I managed to catch it just before it left most theaters (they gotta make room for Terminator: Genisys and Ted 2). As far as I’m concerned, this is THE summer movie though, I’d be perfectly content even if nothing else worth seeing comes out in the next couple months.

    I loved the exposition through showing and not telling, it’s so nice to see a movie not insult your intelligence by having clunky expository dialogue every scene. A stupid movie would have had characters constantly pointing out and explaining everything that was happening, scenes like the Green Zone with the strange figures on stilts moving among the dead trees would have been much less impactful that way. As it is, that scene is just an eerie, dreamlike sequence that happens and then is gone. The movie just puts it all out there and expects you to keep up. It’s a deeply weird and singular world he’s created, and you get dunked in head first.

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    Great analysis, I’m not great at dissecting film, and always love to hear from people who are. Your meta analysis also helps shed some light on the final scene.

    I’m a big horror fan and I loved this film. It’s refreshing to see something so interesting and well put together, and isn’t the nth installment in some franchise. I’m glad it got theatrical release, I was able to see it this way and actually didn’t want to get up and leave at any point. Although speaking of horror franchises, almost every trailer at the beginning of this seemed like a sequel or remake…

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    It’s not looking great for the Film Threat Kickstarter, sadly. There’s still a chance, and many projects in a similar situation have pulled it off, but it will take a major push or some serious angel investor action at this point. In other words, I hope he’s getting ahold of Tarantino and calling in those favors they were discussing on the podcast. Also the Comedy Film Nerds guest tier hasn’t seemed to be added yet 🙂 I don’t have that kind of money but how cool would that be to get to see the garage in person? There’s got to be at least a couple loaded fans out there who have some money to drop.

    Anyway, I’ve followed a lot of Kickstarter projects, most of them for video games, but there are certain things common to every crowdfunded venture. One of the biggest issues I’m seeing with this one is it got off to a slow start. That first few days is crucial for momentum, and momentum is the key with Kickstarter. As they were discussing on the podcast, people like to donate to successful projects, and are much more likely to donate when they see a project is trending towards being successful. The vast majority of the funding comes in at the beginning and end of the project, and that last few days is predicated on how successful the project is up until then. It’s kinda a weird beast, Kickstarter.

    The good news is though, if they can get 20% funding, there’s an 80% chance it will fund. There was a study done a year or so ago analyzing hundreds of thousands of projects and they found that 80% of projects that raise 20% of their goal end up making it, and 97% of projects that reach 50% of the goal are successful:

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    The recent podcasts made me realize I’ve seen a whopping total of 3 of all the films nominated this year: American Sniper, Interstellar, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. It’s been a really light theater watching year for me, especially given that a good deal of the most interesting Oscar contenders have been hard to actually catch.

    It’s too bad Chris, Graham and Doug haven’t seen American Sniper, because I think they would have leaned more heavily towards Bradley Cooper for best actor. It’s pretty amazing what he did with the role, he gives a super naturalistic performance and just disappears into the character, he really becomes that guy and it was impressive to watch. That’s definitely my “should” for best actor. I don’t think the movie will get best picture, as the competition is too stiff and the movie will probably be viewed by the academy as an unpopular choice due to the subject matter (which is a shame as it’s really just a biopic, without an overt political agenda).

    Now given that I haven’t seen any of the other nominations, my ShouldWills for the other big categories are going to be based on the info I’ve picked up from the podcast and just general personal whimsy:

    Best Picture:
    Should: Selma
    Will: Selma

    Best Actor:
    Should: Bradley Cooper
    Will: Bradley Cooper

    Should: Wes Anderson (let’s throw this guy an award already, he’s one of the most interesting filmmakers out there even if I don’t love all his movies)
    Will: Alejandro G. Iñárritu for Birdman, the Academy is going to love all over this movie and I think this category will get some of that spillover

    Sound Editing/Mixing
    Should: American Sniper – the sound in this movie was really incredible. I’ve seen Youtube videos of the actual kind of firefights depicted in this movie, and with the sound design in this movie, it felt like you are watching one of those.
    Will: Interstellar, because Interstellar will probably get something. Yeah Scrugulus, it is weird that Interstellar would show up here. The score has a big name composer behind it, so maybe that’s the reason, but I totally noticed the sound issues. The music was mixed in super hot over a lot of the big dramatic dialogue scenes. Maybe it will pick up the Editing category instead.

    There are my uninformed guesses for the categories I feel even vaguely qualified to speak about.

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