maybe I missed something and this has already been discussed, but when I log in this is the site I’m redirected to, which feels random: http://www.comedyfilmnerds.com/message-boards/topic/message-boreds-suck-and-its-all-our-fault/

Is that on purpose, or is this just a glitch?


The other question is: can the boards be set up in such a way that I can edit/delete my old posts? I searched for something recently and saw how much stuff I posted that is simply irrelevant or out-of-date now. It’s like I filled half the boards with posts about 4-year-old BBC radio broadcasts, etc. So I’d like to have the option to remove stuff, or update the links/infos I posted.


Other than that, I can see no immediate need for any changes. The sub-categories of the boards seem to provide a good structure. Maybe you could ask Chris if there should be an additional sub-section for his “Abyss” in case people want to discuss something?? [as a sub-section of the “general forums” or of the “random off-topic blathering”, perhaps] Just occured to me because of the new “Abyss” section in the general menu of the CFN homepage.

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