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Phav Nosnibor

So… yeah. It’s really hard to properly discuss the movie without spoiling it, which is why it’s nice that it’s taken about two weeks for this article to come along. I’m still on the fence about that last major scene: on the one hand, yeah, it turns entirely on a trope that feels like it’s been done to death; on the other hand, it still got a hell of a reaction out of the audience. (Two reactions, actually, depending on which end of the scene you’re talking about.)

The comments are a pretty good snapshot of what happens when rape gets mentioned online these days, which I guess might be interesting if you’ve just fallen out of a time portal from another decade. If nothing else, props to whoever it was that mentioned Hush, which is a really great micro-budget thriller that plays sort of like Don’t Breathe turned inside-out.

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