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Graham Elwood Palm Strike Dance Party

Graham Elwood Palm Strike Dance Party

Graham Elwood Palm Strike Dance Party

Doug Benson Smug Life

Wednesday, 27 July 2011 21:54

Comic-Con 2011

Written by 

This being my first ComicCon after a 3 year absence, it was fun to see what had changed and what had stayed the same. Also, it was good to come back to promote a show on Cinemax that I was in called Femme Fatales. The power of HBO pulling some of the strings to see to that I had a badge.

Because that was the first big difference. The professional accreditation. There was a time I would walk up and say, “Hi I forgot my paperwork, and I am not sure I even booked a table but can I get a badge?” And they would print one off because they remembered that autograph I signed for them a couple of years back. That is gone. Now it is carefully controlled and computerized and fast! My time between  walking through the door and getting onto the floor was maybe 2 minutes on a Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Amazing. 

This Saturday was less crazy than other years (no fire marshal blocking 25,000 people from entering like in 2007) It is one thing to go, dress up, wander around, get your picture taken and sit in on a Movie or TV show panel. But then there is the crazy that is all of Hollywood compressed in a 3 mile area and you run into everyone EVERYONE all at once.

Here,  according to my collection of business cards, are the people that  I met, chatted, (and promised to hang out when we get back to L.A.) between the hours of 11 – 2 p.m.

Cindy Irwin – Sony Licensing  - working on MIB 3
Holly Evans – Convention Manager
Mark Abent- Non Sports Card owner – Has my hair cards for sale
Ian Boothby – writer for Bongo
Pia Guerra – Creator of Y- last man vertigo
Scott Barrett – Editor NBC/software designer
zeppo – creator of 3d Comics
Dave Dorman – star wars artist
Scott Hampton - artist
John Van Fleet – Artist Blue Shift
Durwin Talon     - illustrator teacher @ Emily Carr
Brian Rood – yet another Artist
Camden Toy - Actor
David Winning – Writer/ Producer
Brain Keathley – Married to Claire from Buffy  - oh yeah, saw her too.
Mike Arnoldi – invited me to teen choice awards after party next week
Thomas Negovan – This artist who paints incredibly small
Heather Theurer – Fantasy painter who can't get a gallery to rep her.
Klye Gass – Half of Tenacious D
Vivica Fox – Also starring in Femme Fatale episode.

And this just happened RANDOMLY!!!  Think again of how crazy that is.  On one day!  I didn't even try for the whole week.

My favorite Random Act of Meeting  was being stop by a guy who called out my first name. I turn to see a guy few years older than myself and he remembered me from buying his “How to draw Winnie the Pooh” CD at WonderCon in San Fran. When then chatted at length about the convention and what we are working on, fully delightful. He mentioned that he is not a prude but some episodes of Femme Fatale were a little too raunchy for him, but enjoyed my work in it.

There were the standard booths showing the latest action figures, movies, TV shows, whatnots. I am just more floored but the lengths they go to attract people. This year was a stand out for not one but TWO actual Deloreans from Back the Future. Though my fave promo item was the semi trailer driving in the streets (slowing down traffic I might add) for the AMC series The Walking Dead. Not just the banner ad on the side of the trailer, but zombie limbs “crushed” in the back door and the front cab smeared in blood with another arm sticking out the door. Burning a lot of desiel for my entertainment, but I will let this one slide.  

Now the commercialization is fully complete! (though first time I came when it was for the X-Files so who am I kidding.) But now I don't trust anything or anyone who is walking around that isn't in cahoots with some corporate entity tie-in. Like the 8 yr. old kid in his home made looking cardboard ninja outfit, and I couldn't be sure that he was a shill for the cardboard industry. Like he would be handing out flyers saying “got cardboard” if I glanced at him sideways.

And the free stuff was less impressive this year. The new series Pam-Am ( Mad Men in the skies) was handing out 60's looking satchels with the old Pam Am logo on it. Of course, they ran out by the time I got there. Whatever.

My tips for doing the SD

First – if you don't have a place stay, have all the phone numbers of all your friends who are there and then make sure that they know that you need a place to crash

Shoes, you may want to look hip but it will be awful when 7 p.m. rolls around and you have shuffled over 6 miles ( the convention floor, twice) so go with sneakers even if you want to dress-up and think that it doesn't “go”

SIDEBAR – if must dress up, bring a 'second' (who is not in any sort of costume) to carry your purse or stuff (camera, etc) so that you can pose for pics and such. Hard to do with a bulge in your tights. Your 'second' should not really be into all of “it” but be reliable enough to stand there for hours on end. 

Shopping – Exclusives that you try to re-sell on ebay aren't bringing the cash they use to, so shop for love and not for long term investment opportunities. Just because you happen to be in line for the 1000 only light sabers made of legos doesn't mean you should get one, unless you can see it on your shelf for a couple of years.

Iphone Sadly, the Iphone is the worst phone for the convention, since the battery doesn't make it through the whole day and by 11 p.m. you are down to 5% juice just when everyone is texting where the best parties are. Bring a back up to cover the second half of the evening.  It was a mess trying to see where everyone was going for the evening. We end on the rooftop bar at the Hyatt and drink and laugh the night away.

--Dean Haglund

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Dean Haglund

Dean is probably best known for his nine seasons playing Langly, one of the computer geeks known as “The Lone Gunmen” from the hit FOX TV series The X-Files. He is also a filmmaker, podcaster, writer and painter.



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