The Tempest Review

Ok, I admit it; I’ve not read a lot of Shakespeare.  But I’ve enjoyed all of what I’ve seen adapted to film.  Ha – spoken like a true MTV generation kid (ok, a little pre-MTV generation).  And I have also enjoyed much of Julie Taymor’s directing.  I loved the passion and creativity of her film Titus based on yet another Shakespearean work.

Casino Jack Review

I saw a blurb about Kevin Spacey in this movie not too long ago that said something to the effect of “The kind of performance that made you love him in American Beauty.”  That’s all fine and good, but that kind of fawning just seems like desperation to me.  Like people should see this movie because it’s Kevin Spacey acting like he did in a movie you love.

Vanishing On 7th Street Review

This film certainly gives “be afraid of the dark” considerably new meaning, and there are certainly some very creepy moments to be found here.   The tone and the cinematography are great, and the music just helps to set the shadowy, tension-y tone.  “Tension-y”?  Yeah, I just made that up.  No, really.  You won’t find that in any dictionary.

The Rite Review

What do you get when you put a group of competent actors in a film with a script that clearly should have been written 30 years ago?  You get The Rite, or shall I call it, the Movie That Would Have Been Good Before The Exorcist.  I mean, hey, there are some good people in this, but it’s pretty obvious that the fact that Anthony Hopkins stars here is why the movie got made at all.

The Mechanic Review

There’s one thing in particular to remember about action movies like this one:  don’t expect any Oscar noms.  And know what you’re getting into before you buy your ticket.  Ok, that’s two things.  But remember them, because if you go in with some kind of delusions of grandeur, then you’ll come out disappointed for sure.

Winter’s Bone Review

Well, granted this didn’t come out in January, but we’re reviewing now anyway.  It’s clear this isn’t a January release because it doesn’t suck.  It’s way better than anything you’ll likely see until at least Spring.  Winter’s Bone, despite it’s name, came out back in the summer.  We’re just here to confuse you all.

The Eagle Review

This story is based on some nebulous historical events of Rome’s Legion IX Hispana that Rome lost track of around 117 AD.  How you loose 5,000 Roman soldiers is beyond me, but then, if some of the theories are correct, it’s just another reason that the Scots kick ass.