Avatar Review

Few films ever really live up to the hype that precedes their release. Lord knows “Avatar” has had the marketing machine in full force for a while now. And certainly James Cameron is worth it, right? The guy has made some amazing films like “Terminator” I and II, “Aliens”, “The Abyss”, and “Titanic”. So the expectations have been high, especially with all the talk of ground-breaking technical effects.

Sherlock Holmes Review

  Oh, Guy Ritchie, you gave us Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, two films, though the exact same genre and style, that were actually quite entertaining.  I didn’t see Rocka Rolla, and we just won’t talk about that debacle you made with your then wife, Madonna.  So, you know, people seem to…

Youth In Revolt Review

Well, Michael Cera is making quite a career of being the quirky, sensitive nerd. Maybe too much of a career, in fact. You know how we’re all getting sick of seeing Will Ferrell over-saturating the comedy genre? Oh, you’re sick of him, you just don’t know it yet. Well, that’s the way Michael Cera is…

Legion Review

Awesome: a group of people hole up in a diner in the middle of the desert because it turns out God has sent an army of angels down to wipe out the human race, and one of these people is pregnant with a baby that will be humanity’s salvation.  It’s gonna be war, man, war…

Daybreakers Review

Yet another entry in the long line of vampire related movies being made recently.  Can we stop with the vampires already?  Let’s move on to some other monster, but not werewolves, because that’s about to happen anyway.  Maybe the Incredible Shrinking Man?  Mmm, no.  How about The Invisible Man?  Uuh, no, no.  Maybe Food of…

Oscar 2010 Preview

Well, here we are again; it’s Oscar time!  It’s that time of year when the Academy rewards the best, most creative, most affecting, and certainly the best in the craft of film making of the past year.  Oh, wait, no, sorry, that’s what the Academy is SUPPOSED to do, however, this year, with the absurd…

Frozen Review

You know when you used to hang with your friends and one would ask, “Would you rather…” and they would have to choose one horrific hypothetical way to die over another? Or they would ask “What would you do if you were in THIS terrible situation…?” Right, well, the movie Frozen is just that sort of idea put on film. Yeah, it’s a real simple concept. The problem is finding enough interesting things to fill it with.

The Wolfman Review

If ever there was a film that I wanted to love, it is perhaps this one.  And what amazing possibilities there are for a remake of The Wolfman, yes?  In this time of incredible practical effects and improving CGI, this is a great opportunity to show those off while creating a moody, atmospheric horror film…

The Crazies Review

I’ve been disappointed in horror movies as of late. Seems we’ve had a few with interesting ideas but then they don’t execute them well. Ha. Execute. I made a funny. Too bad the recent horror movies haven’t made any. However, The Crazies, though my expectations were obviously low, managed to appease my hunger for the genre.

Green Zone Review

Ah, Green Zone, the movie that finally tells us, the public, what REALLY happened with all those pesky Weapons of Mass Destruction that the Iraqi’s had stashed away in various locations. We all know they had them somewhere, even though we couldn’t find them. Oh, wait. We already know what happened about those, don’t we? Yeah, I thought so. So, no need to see this movie.