Evil Dead Review

Yes, yes, I know; why would someone remake the Evil Dead? We asked the same question when they remade Nightmare on Elmstreet and Friday the 13th. I asked myself the same thing of all these. But where Nightmare and Friday the 13th mostly failed by simply remaking the originals, Evil Dead is made not by trying to recreate the original, but by taking the same premise and making a film that is both faithful to the original, and creating it’s own identity.

Oscars 2013 Wrap-Up

Ok, I figure it’s better late than never, but let’s have a look at the Oscars for this year.  Frankly, I find myself more interested in the choice of hosts than the actual awards.  There seems to be so few surprises in the winners anymore that I kind of enjoy the dubious host selections.  And this year, Seth MacFarlane was this years lab rat.

Dead Man Down Review

Man, I saw the trailers for this and thought it looked really good. It seemed all moody and intense. And for the most part, it’s exactly that. And then the final act comes along and suddenly it’s like a Die Hard movie. Yeah, it’s a little jarring to say the least. Unfortunately, it keeps Dead Man Down from being a really good film.

Jack The Giant Slayer Review

You’d think by the ubiquitous TV ads for this film that it was going to be a real toss-up as to whether it would be any good.  It felt like they were trying too hard to get you to see it. And there’s clearly a LOT of green screen and there could be a lot of that disconnected “watching a video game” type of stuff going on.  Fortunately, though, Jack the Giant Slayer managed to avoid that by giving some of the giants more personality than just grunting adversaries.