Robocop Review

There are things that surprised me about this new Robocop remake, and things that didn’t. Of course, the most surprising thing was that someone had actually decided to remake Robocop at all; ultimately, a film that least needed to be remade. How the Hell do you improve upon perfection, which is precisely what the original Verhoeven masterpiece of satire happens to be? Not surprisingly, you don’t.

Her Review

When you think about a film that centers around a lonely writer that falls in love with a sophisticated computer operating system, you probably think how silly that idea sounds. But if you think about it in todays current social media context and the way that smart phones have infiltrated our lives, it may not be as absurd as you imagine.

The Last Days On Mars Review

You know, I love the whole sci-fi genre. One of my favorites. And, despite the current over-saturation of zombie oriented fare, I’m a fan of zombies, too. Well, of course The Walking Dead is fine. Of all the zombie stuff going on, that is still great. But we could do with a break otherwise. Unfortunately, The Last Days On Mars, despite a fine cast and production value, is little more than Zombies On Mars.

Nebraska Review

Alexander Payne makes great movies. Election, About Schmidt, Sideways, The Descendents, all directed by Payne. To me, he’s like the Coen Brothers; even their weak movies are better than most other directors good ones. And as far as I’m concerned, Nebraska is no different. It’s more subtle, less like a big Hollywood film than most, but wonderful all the same.