TCM Classic Film Festival

Lo and Behold, in 1994, Turner Classic Movies arrived. Ever since then, people have been enjoying, and re-enjoying, classic films in the comfort of their own homes. And even better, four years ago, TCM started their Classic Film Festival here in Los Angeles, and I had the utmost privilege to attend. It was rather kind of Allan Havey to give me his other pass, and I was able to attend most of last weekend.

Evil Dead Review

Yes, yes, I know; why would someone remake the Evil Dead? We asked the same question when they remade Nightmare on Elmstreet and Friday the 13th. I asked myself the same thing of all these. But where Nightmare and Friday the 13th mostly failed by simply remaking the originals, Evil Dead is made not by trying to recreate the original, but by taking the same premise and making a film that is both faithful to the original, and creating it’s own identity.