All Kindsa Girls Review

All Kindsa Girls is a practically perfect documentary about a frequently overlooked band: The Real Kids. Released in 2006, this film is the authoritative account of the band’s history, and producer/director Cheryl Eagan-Donovan’s affection for her subject shines through every frame. For those who have only heard the title song, the film illustrates why The Real Kids…

Divergent Review

I’d gone to the multiplex to see Captain America: Winder Solider, which I really enjoyed. I had a little more time to kill so I went to see Divergent because it was the movie that was starting next. Yes, I paid twice. I’m a ComedyFilmNerd, and we hold ourselves to high standards. I hadn’t heard anything about it, so I had zero expectations.

Enemy Review

Enemy begins with Jake Gyllenhaal’s heavily bearded character entering a room where a group of men surround some sort of sex show. A scantily clad woman cries out in what could be either pleasure or pain. The camera pans across the faces of the men. Some seem fascinated, some seem uncomfortable, some, almost weary. Two women wearing sheer robes and high heels walk out. One woman places a Sterling silver serving tray on the floor and removes the cover to reveal a giant spider. The other goes to step on it with her high heel, and the camera cuts away. Then, things get weird…

Birth of the Living Dead Review

Birth of the Living Dead is a documentary about the making of one of my favorite films; Night of the Living Dead. It contains a treasure trove of trivia about how George A. Romero, NOTLD’s director and screenwriter, added the zombie to the classic monster roster with the help of a rag-tag group of investors and first-time actors and filmmakers.  But unlike Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and The Wolfman, zombies were added as a whole, as a collective. Forty-five years after NOTLD’s release, zombies are more popular than ever, which makes me a very happy man.