The Master Review

The Master is incredibly acted. It’s visually impressive. But, it’s overall a comatose-inducing film.

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I didn’t get it.

There. That’s my secret shame about movies like this. When a movie seems smart and there’s clearly a lot of talent that went into it, I just know that it’s me. I grew up in a small suburb in Texas. I’m state school educated. Maybe I’m dumb. Because I didn’t get it.

Liberal Arts Review

Liberal Arts is inspiring. It makes you feel like you, too, could make a movie. It makes it look not all that hard. When I watched The Avengers, I was like, “I could never do that. I wouldn’t even know where to start!” But when I watched Liberal Arts, I was like, “I feel like I could pretty much make something comparable on my drive home.”

Total Recall Review

It’s certainly no surpise that we are not often on board with the whole remake thing these days. They so seldom make any improvement on the original. And as we have entered the Age of the Reboot, this can only get more disheartening and annoying as the next few years pass. Interestingly, however, I happen to think the original Total Recall was actually a film that could use a fresh look. The technology has advanced leaps and bounds since 1990 and I think the original shows its’ age. Ultimately, the film director Len Wiseman has made does does nothing injurious to the idea of remakes, and maybe even makes a mild case FOR them.

Magic Mike Review

Great film! Fun for the whole family! If your family is made up entirely of women or gay men. Not since all the Sexes in the Cities have women overdressed and flocked to the theaters with all their horndog girlfriends. If one of the rules of entertainment is ‘know your audience,’ then Magic Mike is dead-on. It’s quite possibly the greatest movie that’s ever been made, if you like movies about stripping. Turns out, I do. It’s fun and infectious (stripper pun?). You know how, at the end of Rocky, you want to run around punching things, or even just the air? At the end of Magic Mike, you’ll want to grind and hump things. And, to borrow from Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing.