Wreck-it Ralph Review

I am not a gamer. I have played video games. I am fond of Nintendo, and I really enjoyed Sega Genesis, but I am in no way a video game snob. For some reason, the early rumblings I was hearing about Wreck-it Ralph insinuated that the viewer wouldn’t really enjoy it unless they could get all the subtle nuances and references throughout the movie. After seeing it, I strongly disagree with that.

Ted Review

Assuredly, fans of Family Guy will find enjoyment in Ted, as it is co-written and directed by Seth McFarlane. I, myself, am about, oh, a 75 % fan of Family Guy. It’s generally funny, but sometimes I feel like the jokes are just for Seth, and no one else. That being said, Ted is still as broad in it’s comedy and often low brow, but perhaps there are less jokes that require you to be in Seth’s head.