Robocop Review

There are things that surprised me about this new Robocop remake, and things that didn’t. Of course, the most surprising thing was that someone had actually decided to remake Robocop at all; ultimately, a film that least needed to be remade. How the Hell do you improve upon perfection, which is precisely what the original Verhoeven masterpiece of satire happens to be? Not surprisingly, you don’t.

An Adventure in Space and Time Review

Über-prolific Brit’s Brit Mark Gatiss would be an international treasure if only for his writing and acting on Sherlock, let alone for such gems as his History of Horror three-part masterpiece (check it out!). But unfortunately, despite his heart almost certainly being in the right place, Gatiss – perhaps out of sheer lack of hours in the day – has turned in, and thus caused to be filmed, a wretched script in An Adventure in Space and Time, a brilliant idea terribly executed.

The Searchers: Making of an American Legend Book Review

In 1836, near the heart of Texas, a young girl named Cynthia Anne watched as the adult members of her family were murdered and butchered by a raiding band of Comanche Indians. She, along with other young family members, was then taken by the group of warring Comanche. Learning of the massacre and the abduction, the girl’s uncle committed himself to rescuing his surviving kin from the grasp of the savages. This single event set in motion a story that would play out for more than a century.